Recovering Data from an almost dead SSD Disk

I bought a 'new' laptop recently (a Lenovo Thinkpad T430) as my old laptop (a Lenovo Thinkpad T61) was starting to show it's age (10 years) and was getting slower and playing up at times. The T430 came with a 240GB SSD disk. The difference between a traditional spinning disk and an SSD isn't really appreciated until you experience it. It pretty [...] Read more

Raspberry Pi Project - Part 1 - Media RPi

I've looked at Raspberry Pi's a few times in the past, but never had an opportunity to do something meaningful with them until recently when I was contracted for a project to streamline some processes for a business. This business has popup studios that travel from one shopping centre to another. They needed an alternative solution for their [...] Read more

Why Latency is so Important

Technical people always say bandwidth isn't everything as latency can kill even the biggest link. But why is that? Consider a 3 lane highway (3 lanes each way). Now imagine everyone driving their own car to work everyday. One person per car. If everyone observes the speed limit and keeps a safe distance, there's only so many cars that will fit on [...] Read more

Network Latency

Especially on remote networks, latency can be a real problem. Unfortunately, until space folding becomes mainstream, we'll have to learn to live with latency and develop our applications accordingly. Calculating the minimum latency you can expect between two points isn't hard if you know what to consider. The fastest you could go (well, at least [...] Read more

Demo PC

My first job working in IT was as a Helpdesk officer for a university. Back in those days, computers were only just starting to become common place in education and business. I happened to have a few old components floating around that were past their useful date, and decided to create a Demo PC for students to look at and show them the inarts of [...] Read more